Network Guardian v. 0.8.5

  • Alerts weren’t displaying any more, … but none told me. Great fault of mine, sorry :-(
  • Alerts are generated according to the last known state of that device. That is, it will look active but no alert is generated if it was already active last time the app was run, just to have less alerts bothering you. Let me know if it’s ok for you too.

Network Guardian v. 0.8.4

  • Better stability when left running in the background
  • If you wish to, you’ll be able to send automatically “ONLY” debugging data to the developer to help finding bugs and make the App always more stable and reliable.
    Simply think that it should be tested on 601 different devices, as Google says, and it’s quite a lot, isn’t it ?

Network Guardian v. 0.8.3 improvements

This is what has been added in this release of the App

  • notification on what the app is doing and when next run is scheduled
  • if you like, you won’t forget to have your watchdog running by enabling “autostart” option in the configuration menu even when you reboot your device for any reason
  • you can customize each device with a picture taken directly from camera or from the device’s storage or even in bulk, all at once if you preselect the devices you want to customize before taking the picture

Network Guardian … what is it for ?

Its main goal is to give its owner a better control on who’s really using his or her LAN. It scans your network and takes track of what devices if finds plugged to it (both by wire or wireless). Instead as all other network scanners do, it records the information and doesn’t delete them any more until you choose to purge your data.

You are able to change the name of each single device or assign an icon to it by changing its type just to better identify it whenever it’ll be caught alive again in the future, but, and above all, you’ll be able to tell whether that device is one of your known ones, then it’ll be recognized and accepted since then on, or you should be told when it’s turned on and off, or it’s an intruder and you want to be woken even while sleeping.

Another managed use is when you have said your child not use, say, the play-station to play with his/her friend on internet and he/her does it after having locked himself/herself behind the door of his/her room. You’ll be warned the way you teach the App to.

Finally, it could be kept running in the background while connected onto your home wireless just to be told whether a brand new device appears on your own network and simply you wouldn’t have ever known otherwise. You faithful watchdog could be running in your pocket or on your bedside table while charging overnight.

Wouldn’t you find it useful too? Let me know.


Get it from Google Market

Network Guardian is born

Today, a new App is born … hope Android can be of any help

Brand new App for Android devices available on Google Market whose main features are:

1) LAN scanner

2) Identifies and stores information on your LAN for future reuse

3) Siren and ringtone player, vibrate and wakes from sleep when an event is caught

If you want to know more, see the “what is it for ?” page


Home Appliances Assistant

Utility App for Android

An App for your Android device to have all the information needed when you have to activate the service for a sudden failure of one of your home appliances always with you comfortably kept in your pocket.

1) reminds you when the warranty is about to expire

2) lets you take a picture of the device and of its proof of purchase and send it by email when needed or simply rd for details

3) lets you call the service without having to fill your phone book with numbers you’re going to delete when warranty expires which are no longer needed

Get it from Google Market

Demo Version

Full Version