Network Guardian v. 0.9.2

Little jump to this version because of frantic work done in the meanwhile :-)

Finally, I’ve been able to fix a bug who has been a thorn in my flank for a long time.

Till when I tested my app with a real playstation and found it wasn’t discovered at all. A promise is a promise and, even though this app is given at no price, it had to do it.

Now it should, and not only for playstations, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ But even some kind of smartphones, dedicated appliances and so on.

Let me know what kind of devices aren’t discovered yet, but, pls, be sure they have a real IP address first otherwise you could give me wrong news to look for.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy… monitoring, but, if you like and find it useful, it shouldn’t be a big effort to click on ads while using the App, should it? Do I deserve a beer, every now and then, as anybody else ? I’d appreciate :-)