Network Guardian 1.1.2

A little jump ahead for a few versions.

Time is always to tight to mention … but didn’t somebody say that “money’s too tight to mention”, as well?

You will have understood that ads has been integrated with new services just trying to do something to nourish my pets 😉 hoping not to be bothering with the choices done.

New features with the latest versions:
• Virtual devices which share the same MAC address shouldn’t overlap any more. The latest discovered overwrote the former when the IP address was the same (for the ones who could be interested in)
• The device itself, that is the phone or the tablet, wasn’t correctly treated and recognized
• Menu button had disappeared for some wierd reason and now has got back

NOTICE: It could be necessary to uninstall and reinstall in some cases. Remember to backup data and restore after having reinstalled to get all the customizations back