BeeHalf (beta)

Here is a new experiment of mine. As you may have noticed, what I like more is to leave stupid jobs to machines to let mind think of other and higher stuffs.

Isn’t that what humans are for?

This brand new application is aimed to take the ordinary and boring job of rewriting a value taken from a well-known channel into a spreadsheet and check out how it is performing during time.

You can have interest, for example, to record temperatures of a given site, city and you found a way to get it by means of a RSS feed or a text message coming to your phone on a daily basis. Another situation could be that you have a private photovoltaic rig which sends you a text message every day about what it has produced in terms of energy and you have to read the SMS and transcribe the KW for ordinary recording needs (in some countries it’s even mandatory to do it every day) and plot on a simple graph to see how it’s going on.

Another case could be that you want to be informed of earthquakes in a certain zone and, instead of continuously reading all the news coming from an official earthquake information channel seeking only those of your interested area, let the app do it for you and, eventually, discover that something has happened by only giving a glimpse to the graph on your android’s homescreen.

The app can read, as of now, SMS and feeds (both RSS and Atom format) messages and it’s you to instruct it, case by case, on how to filter upcoming messages and where to look for the numeric information you are looking after. In the future email messages will be integrated too.

This way you be able to build as many graphs as many sources you are following and reate your monitoring cockpit.

Let me know what you think of it, if you wish to 😉