Network Guardian 1.2.1

A few fixes done.

1. The most important with the paid version. Problems with the detection of IP address removed.
2. Even though keeping the portrait orientation, now you can rotate the device upside-down.
3. No more flood of notifications when scanning a new network. You will find new devices in the list and manage from there.

Thank you.

Network Guardian Changelog

To optimize reading, from now on, I’m going to mantain a single article per each App

1.1.8: fixed crash occured when asking for refresh when no network connection available
1.1.7: When too many alerts are being displayed they are slowed down, but all kept in the notification area

BeeHalf (beta)

Here is a new experiment of mine. As you may have noticed, what I like more is to leave stupid jobs to machines to let mind think of other and higher stuffs.

Isn’t that what humans are for?

This brand new application is aimed to take the ordinary and boring job of rewriting a value taken from a well-known channel into a spreadsheet and check out how it is performing during time.

You can have interest, for example, to record temperatures of a given site, city and you found a way to get it by means of a RSS feed or a text message coming to your phone on a daily basis. Another situation could be that you have a private photovoltaic rig which sends you a text message every day about what it has produced in terms of energy and you have to read the SMS and transcribe the KW for ordinary recording needs (in some countries it’s even mandatory to do it every day) and plot on a simple graph to see how it’s going on.

Another case could be that you want to be informed of earthquakes in a certain zone and, instead of continuously reading all the news coming from an official earthquake information channel seeking only those of your interested area, let the app do it for you and, eventually, discover that something has happened by only giving a glimpse to the graph on your android’s homescreen.

The app can read, as of now, SMS and feeds (both RSS and Atom format) messages and it’s you to instruct it, case by case, on how to filter upcoming messages and where to look for the numeric information you are looking after. In the future email messages will be integrated too.

This way you be able to build as many graphs as many sources you are following and reate your monitoring cockpit.

Let me know what you think of it, if you wish to ๐Ÿ˜‰

Network Guardian 1.1.2

A little jump ahead for a few versions.

Time is always to tight to mention … but didn’t somebody say that “money’s too tight to mention”, as well?

You will have understood that ads has been integrated with new services just trying to do something to nourish my pets ๐Ÿ˜‰ hoping not to be bothering with the choices done.

New features with the latest versions:
โ€ข Virtual devices which share the same MAC address shouldn’t overlap any more. The latest discovered overwrote the former when the IP address was the same (for the ones who could be interested in)
โ€ข The device itself, that is the phone or the tablet, wasn’t correctly treated and recognized
โ€ข Menu button had disappeared for some wierd reason and now has got back

NOTICE: It could be necessary to uninstall and reinstall in some cases. Remember to backup data and restore after having reinstalled to get all the customizations back

Network Guardian v. 0.9.3

Removed bothering bug which caused crash on new installations mainly. None told me and I didn’t know at all.

I could have helped before, but it has been an oversight of mine and hope someone will get back if they thought it was a waste of time and they’ve uninstalled the App from their device.

See you soon with new improvements.

PS: Any feedback would be appreciated

Network Guardian v. 0.9.2

Little jump to this version because of frantic work done in the meanwhile :-)

Finally, I’ve been able to fix a bug who has been a thorn in my flank for a long time.

Till when I tested my app with a real playstation and found it wasn’t discovered at all. A promise is a promise and, even though this app is given at no price, it had to do it.

Now it should, and not only for playstations, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ But even some kind of smartphones, dedicated appliances and so on.

Let me know what kind of devices aren’t discovered yet, but, pls, be sure they have a real IP address first otherwise you could give me wrong news to look for.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy… monitoring, but, if you like and find it useful, it shouldn’t be a big effort to click on ads while using the App, should it? Do I deserve a beer, every now and then, as anybody else ? I’d appreciate :-)

Network Guardian v. 0.8.10

Sorry for being away from this blog for a while, but I’m currently involved in a new project you will be able to taste in the next future.

In this version I’ve fixed a bothering bug who caused repeating crashes when wireless connection seemed to be active, but effectively wasn’t yet or wasn’t able to get an address for any reason.

I beg your pardon for being so late :-( I’ll try to do better for the future, because I’ve also seen there have been so many of you all around :-)

Enjoy the app and, if you find it really useful, visit, every now and then, the sponsors to justify my efforts ๐Ÿ˜‰ you should know that also coins are good, aren’t they?